Hungary contributes EUR 500,000 to papal Mass in Csíksomlyó

The Hungarian government sponsors the preparations for the papal Mass of Csíksomlyó/Şumuleu Ciuc to be held on the 1st of June with nearly HUF 160 million (EUR 500,000), Miklós Soltész, State Minister for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of the Prime Ministry said on Monday.

Soltész – together with Franciscan Provincial Erik Urbán and Balázs Sajgó, the archdiosese coordinator of the papal visit – surveyed the works taking place at the location of the papal Mass. With the support of the Hungarian government, the stage of the Hármashalom altar located in the mountain saddle of the Kis and Nagysomlyó-mountains/Munții Sumuleu Mic și Mare will be extended, new liturgical pieces of furniture will be placed and also the Jakab Antal House of Csíksomlyó will be renewed, where the papal lunch will take place following the Mass.

Soltész said that while the Hungarian government can and will not intervene in the organization of an event taking place on the territory of another country, it can help the organizers of an event that concerns the Hungarian community. He said that on the one hand they support such investments, that will serve the community on the long term after the papal visit. Among these he mentioned the renewal of the stage-part of the Hármashalom-altar and also the Jakab Antal House.

He added that the roof constructed above the altar for the time of the papal Mass will be detachable so that afterwards it can be transferred to another location.

“The Holy Father informed us that the visit must serve peace and communion of the nationalities living here. Csíksomlyó will also serve this.”, Soltész said, adding that “We have to show, that faith, Christianity and Catholicism and of course our national entity, Hungarian-ness is also very important to us.”


2019. May 21.